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Get rid of the ads and bundleware overwolf system, theyre terrible

Its been said to death but it needs said again; your banner ads are awful. I would rather just pay to remove the ads. you constantly run these things and eat not only my processor alive, but also my data caps. youre force-streaming HD videos even when the window is minimized.

if we paid like, say, 2 bucks a month, that would be double the revenue you make from these awful ads, and not a person would complain.

please, theres a reason most of us are so loathed to actually use the launcher since overwolf bought the company.

also the OW bundleware thing is miserable bloatware. literally no reason for it, and it just further exacerbates the system impact

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  • Jan 17 2022
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  • AzerPUG commented
    11 Feb 02:22pm

    If you want to pay to remove the ads, you can do that by buying a subscription. That has been in for almost a year now and you still support the developers that way! It is $2.99 a month, so not the $2 you mentioned, but close enough. See attachment!

    On the topic of not having to need Overwolf, while still using CurseForge, that is going to be very hard. CurseForge is an app, build on the Overwolf framework. What you are asking, is practically the same as wanting to download an Android application, without having an Android phone. It is just not how that works.