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Keep mods disabled after an update if they are already OFF

I noticed that if I update a mod that is temporarly disabled, it will turn ON, possibly creating issues with its dependency that may remain OFF or causes backtracing to spot all of the parts.

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  • Jan 11 2022
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  • Guest commented
    7 Dec, 2022 09:02am

    I am experiencing the same issue at present pacman 30th anniversary . i'm sorry I don't have any other suggestions for you, but I feel your pain!

  • Steven Bauer commented
    16 Sep, 2022 10:10am

    Because so many individuals are unable to, it delights me that you always accept slope unblocked mapquest driving directions challenges.

  • Guest commented
    23 Mar, 2022 01:00pm

    "When you update your modpack it means that you choose to return the modpack to the original setting as the author intended.

    If you wish to play the modpack in your personal management preference you should not update it."

    The above sentiment is fine and all, but it completely disregard people like me who have potato PC's. I usually have to disable embellishment mods (fluffy bushes, passive mobs, fancy fonts, weather etc) to be able to play the mod.

    This does not affect the actual gameplay (difficulty, mechanics, progression), only how the world looks, yet I should suffer unnecessarily if I want to play the version the author sees as the most relevant to their vision?

    Not to mention that a modpack update can contain so much more than just updated mod versions (recipe changes, added and removed mods, config tweaks etc.)

    A compromise could be to ask if we want to restore the modpack to the authors intended vision, or if we want to keep our disabled mods disabled.

  • Admin
    Team Overwolf commented
    13 Mar, 2022 07:16am

    Thanks for the update, we're going to learn the subject deeper and are updating the status of this item to reflect this.

  • Claycorp commented
    10 Mar, 2022 08:25pm

    The OW comment is incorrect on this issue.

    As stated the Idea is in relation to the toggle state of mods when installing updates or changing versions of that mod. Not changing/updating modpacks as modpacks do not respect the toggle state of mods when installed, they are always enabled if included in the modpack.

    As of Version the handling of toggled mods is inconsistent in app when updating/changing version.

    Sometimes when using the download button in the mod list the mod will not be toggled back on if it was already off. When switching versions via the mod's versions page the mod will always be enabled if disabled.

    In either case the mod shouldn't be enabled again when update as the state change isn't aware of any required mods being on or off. Thus changing disabled mods where A relies on B, doing anything with A will cause the profile to not launch anymore as B was never enabled again. This can be especially annoying in debugging as updates are forced to the top or in cases where you have complex relation chains of more than 2 mods. Thus keeping them off would be ideal.

  • Admin
    Team Overwolf commented
    1 Mar, 2022 08:36am

    When you update your modpack it means that you choose to return the modpack to the original setting as the author intended.
    If you wish to play the modpack in your personal management preference you should not update it.

    While this might not be convenient, it respects the original modpack creator.
    An alternative option for you is to update the specific mods you want manually.

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