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Finish implementing the minecraft crash reporting system for modpacks

This feature was the last thing we saw come out on CurseForge and it's severely lacking.

It requires you to download the files, Doesn't have an option to turn it on or off and is hidden on the client where most people don't look.

  • Claycorp
  • Aug 7 2020
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  • Admin
    Team Overwolf commented
    10 Aug, 2020 06:01am

    (More from suggestion contributor, 10/8/20 :)
    You need to upload a modpack for it and it only seems to show up if something was reported.

    I guess "finish" is a poor choice on wording.

    It 'works' but isn't optimal, it's just slapped in there.

    You cant disable it last I knew, it's not an "issue ticket" so you can't reply to the user and it would be much better if it was a click to expand crash vs download it and look at it.

    Also on the client, there is no automatic crash collection, the player needs to know it exists and such. It would also be nice to give automated feedback if the crash is the same as one the dev has already seen and commented on/fixed. That way if you dont need to look at 20 of the same thing.