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Make so mods don't remove dependencies if other mods require it

So, when you remove a mod that has a dependencies it removes it even if there are other mods that uses the same dependencies and it's really fucking annoying for a modpack developer and sometimes mods will just disappear by themselves.

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  • Jan 8 2022
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    9 Jan 10:42am

    It's not hard to do, it's just few line to add, if a mod needs it or not. IF usage is thought in first days of any programming course or class. I learned about it and it would not require that much time to add such a feature. It's just few lines of code nothing huge

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    8 Jan 06:45pm

    Aside from the language you are using, that sounds like it just an inconvenience. If that's the case why not just keep a list of all the dependencies that multiple mods, and whenever you turn off a mod just delete from the mod folder manually instead. I don't think that they are able to program in such a fine thing you are asking for. it's like asking a computer to distinguish a one cherry in a cranberry basket.

    Also asking for things there's always a please in the request, and a thank you sometimes but not always expected or needed.

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    8 Jan 03:07pm