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Improve modlist in exported profiles

At the moment, the default modlist included in an exported profile is the "modlist.html". This file is a mess. They are not sorted and it's only available as HTML file.

To improve the default file, I made a tool:

This tool reads the manifest.json and generates a new one. It is sorted, it links to the project, and it links to the author. There are "special" settings to show the name of the file or create the list in another file type like Markdown.

This tool was used by a few mod authors to add a Markdown file to their GitHub repository to show a nice looking modlist. I used the tool for a better looking modlist in my modpack description. Here is an example for the Markdown file with detailed view:

The api changes and I had to rewrite my whole tool and users had to retrieve a token just for that. Unless you would implement a way to receive better modlists.


  1. Just sort the html file. It's still not enough in my opinion but it's much easier to find whether a special mod is in a pack or not.

  2. When exporting a profile, add a field for the file type you want the modlist. Maybe the "detailed" setting, too. And of course, add the header (see in the example above).

  • MelanX
  • Jan 5 2022
  • More information required
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  • Admin
    Team Overwolf commented
    17 Mar 09:56am

    Thanks for the suggestion - we understand the value of making changes to the exported HTML file (or generating another format), however could you please add what improvements to the list you expect to see in plain wording so others can vote for this suggestion?