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Queue for installing mods

I like to play Minecraft with a of mods, and while I scroll through the curseforge list of mods it takes quite a while for me to add a bunch of mods because I can only download so many at a time, so I think the best solution to that is to kinda make a queue for it, like “install when other installs are done” so you just click install on every mod you wanna add, and it will then be added to the queue and it will wait it’s turn. Adding a queue like this means you can also edit that queue while you go, being able to remove things you didn’t mean to select, or maybe even moving them into a different order based on priorities.

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  • Dec 28 2021
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  • Claycorp commented
    2 Jan 01:14am

    Half of this already exists?

    Just click on install on whatever you want to install and they will be installed.
    There's no list or anything for controlling it but you can just delete whatever you want after it finishes downloading or click the cancel button on the project you don't want.