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Offline access to modpacks

In the event where the user does not have an internet connection, it should be possible to use the app to lunch modpacks, so people don't have to manually add profiles to their Minecraft launcher just in case their internet goes down.

  • Team Overwolf
  • Jul 1 2020
  • Not planned
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  • Lance Rippel commented
    2 Oct 03:31pm
    This needs to be a thing most single player games have an offline mode, I drive Trick over the road and there's times I can't get a signal.
  • Jasden Odomano commented
    30 Aug 07:52pm

    I can use modpacks when I'm offline

  • Jasden Odomano commented
    30 Aug 07:52pm

    I can use modpacks when I'm offline

  • Guest commented
    19 Aug 07:59am

    Agreed! This need to be fix!

  • Guest commented
    1 Aug 12:42pm

    Just do it. I mean i play minecraft often but now in my new home i didn`t hve Internet yet just with my Smartphone and i think it schould be simple to change the Curseforge Launcher nd add a offline use button/thing/what else....

  • Guest commented
    25 Jul 11:30pm

    the fact that this is "Not Planned" is definitely pretty scummy. Minecraft supports offline play with its own launcher that Curseforge already launches through. Please do not put always-online DRM on a game you dont own.

  • Samuel Hughes commented
    3 Jul 12:00pm

    Not saying offline shouldn't get added but in the meantime you can run MultiMC and add the modpacks as instances to that and play them completely offline. You'll need to export the modpacks from the launcher and make sure the export include config, mods, and resources, then you'll import from .zip in MultiMC, and then bam you'll be able to run the modpacks completely offline

    Hope this helps

  • Guest commented
    30 Jun 04:37pm

    It'd be really cool if you add this RIGHT NOW! Like, RIGHT NOW

  • Guest commented
    19 May 08:02pm

    Please please please do this, I just assumed that it would work offline because it seems like a no-brainer but I found out last night when my internet went out that it doesn't. Super frustrating.

  • Samuel Hughes commented
    13 May 09:18am

    Im just begging for this one cause Im a service member and if boingo shiternet wasnt enough, Im also overseas and soon to be spending a hefty amount of time in an enviroment with no internet access

  • Guest commented
    2 Mar 01:57pm

    It seems they've put the final nail in the coffin on this one. Now when you launch curseforge without an internet connection it tells you one is required. I suppose its less frustrating than how it was before on twitch, where it pretended to have an "offline mode", but it made you sign in and wouldn't work because it couldn't contact servers (duh, you're offline).

  • yellowgreen360 commented
    26 Jan 03:20am

    If I open CurseForge offline then the app will not finish opening, it will get stuck on forging your library loading screen. then if I aleredy have Curse Forge open when I go offline I can't start my modpacks.

  • havoc aulick commented
    18 Jan 07:03pm

    this really feels like it should be a bug report, rather than a feature request.

  • Guest commented
    26 Nov, 2020 10:21pm

    When Im offline and I didnt already have the launcher open with internet access this is what I get.

  • Guest commented
    8 Aug, 2020 09:01pm

    I'm able to access modpacks offline...?

  • atarikafa atarikafa commented
    27 Jul, 2020 07:22pm

    agree !

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