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Proper 1.18 Support

This may just be a problem for me, but whenever I try to run a 1.18 instance that is launched through Curseforge the game refuses to launch for both Forge and Fabric, even with no mods installed. All other versions work properly. Also, I tested Forge in the vanilla launcher and it works fine.

Edit, it seems 1.18.1 works with the app, guess I'll just use that.

  • Plankera Beast1
  • Dec 8 2021
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  • Plankera Beast1 commented
    19 Dec, 2021 09:48pm

    I removed my broken 1.18 install yesterday, now the 1.18.1 one is not working. I’ll look around and see if it’s a problem with the jvm arguments and I’ll also send a copy of them.