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CF App - In the launcher app change location of the 'repair installation' button

For the Curseforge App:
Modded Minecraft installations frequently are broken due to corrupted core MC files - the "repair installation" button which purges these files and forces a re-download to fix the issue. It seems difficult for many end-users to know and utilize this button where it is located, and with the labeling it currently has. Putting the repair button more prominently displayed on it's own (not inside a menu) and relabeling to be more clear would help may people self-repair their issues without support assistance.

  • Kerry Sherwin
  • Nov 1 2021
  • More information required
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  • Admin
    Team Overwolf commented
    8 Nov, 2021 08:27am

    Thanks - that's great feedback.
    We've marked this as 'More information required' since we will add this item for one of our internal user interface reviews for additional users to specify their use, understanding and access to this button.
    We will then implement our findings accordingly.