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Add an option to prevent users from using Optifine

With many of the current Minecraft modpacks, Optifine breaks client and causes crashes.

Many of the reports we get about bugs or crashes are caused by optifine, and we have to treat them all.

The idea would be to add button or slider when creating/modifying a modpack to allow or not Optifine. If it is not allowed, CurseForge would detect it in modpack files and prevent the pack from being launched, telling that Optifine breaks the modpack. It would save a lot of time to Pack Makers, and help us a bit with all our optifine related reports.

Hear me well, this is not to limit player's freedom. If Pack makers want to let it enabled, they can. But for those who know that Optifine breaks their pack, that would be a neat feature. At the very least, if you find that it limits freedom of choice, we can at least put a warning message warning for the presence of Optifine. As well, opt-in/opt-out by Pack makers.

Thank you for your attention !

  • Greninja San
  • Oct 23 2021
  • Future consideration
  • Jan 5, 2023

    Admin response

    We're still gathering data and looking into this, going back and checking for the demand for such a feature. Thank you!

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  • Fureniku commented
    13 Mar 11:58pm

    This might actually be better approached as a custom mod, which really wouldn't be all that hard to implement. It can just detect if optifine is installed, and when you reach the main menu you'll have to click through an extra checkbox warning you each time you launch the game.

    It would be a better approach all around. It's obnoxious enough that most people will know if they have an issue, to remove optifine first (some people don't read, but there's nothing we can do about them), but it doesn't actively block the mod which others may find frustrating or invasive. It's also much easier to detect optifine from the game environment than an external launcher (which would have to check every mods .toml or meta file for this one specific issue every time you navigated to any pack - file name wouldn't be reliable enough)

  • Guest commented
    18 Dec, 2022 01:09pm

    what is the problem with optifine users?

  • mind cloud commented
    29 May, 2022 05:00am

    Warnings are fine, but I don't care how you feel about optifine. It is not anyone's place to control how people use their system.

  • Glowing0v3rlord commented
    20 Apr, 2022 05:36pm

    Instead of preventing the launch, if the modpack has Optifine and any other mods are marked as incompatible with Optifine, it should show a warning message like this:


    One or more mods in this modpack has been marked as incompatible with Optifine. Graphical glitches and/or gameplay-related glitches may occur. Are you sure you want to continue?

  • lerokko commented
    3 Dec, 2021 09:40am

    At the point where the user adds optifine they had to "enable management for this pack" or dropped it in the mods folder. How about either of these actions let the author display a custom message. Similar to the summary of a changelog entry when updating a pack in the launcher. If the game is launched all modifications to the mods folder should be ignored since some mods like to modify it. But if a change happened while the game was not running ( I know you could still drop in the mod while running and then just restart) the user is prompted, similar to how it already is done in mojangs launcher ("This profile has been modified"), where the user has do acknowledge and enable management via a popup before proceeding with he game launch. The author warning message would show up here again.

    The "detecting changes" part maybe hard to implement and not the right approach, but I think just a warning/disclaimer from the author could go a long way.

    Example: User checks mark "Allow management of this profile". Red text below the option is displayed. "This pack has incompatibilities with Optifine, modB, modC! Do not submit bugreports from modified versions of this pack.". Whereas this text can be freely entered for every uploaded file. By default the this field would be populated with the disclaimer from the previous file (during file upload).

    Not ideally, but i am never in favor of limiting players. If they wanna break it, let 'em. People would just export profile and re-import it. Or make a custom profile and just drag all the mods and config folder over to their profile. These people would then still submit a bug report.

    I know a web ticket system software that does display brief texts and links on the sidebar when users enter certain keywords on submission. Maybe we could have something similar to that instead. Let us add keywords/tags to a wiki page and if one of the keywords to that page shows up in the users issue description (while typing) it pops up a link to the wiki page containing that key-phrase. If more than x are found then summarize the list and provide a link to "more results" or smt. So I could make a wiki page for my project where I explain issues with optifine and how to proceed (eg: remove optifine, reproduce bug, if not then tough luck) now if I make "optifine" one of the keywords/tags for that wiki (may be a new field in the edit page) it would be indexed a a possible result to show up whenever someone types "optifine" when opening a new issue.
    (Not every user mentions optifine in their issue though, so you would add the most common word that occur in their errors that optifine gives in you pack. No harm in being overly aggressive and liberal with these tags since all it does is show a link. The user can ofc still submit the issue)

    Sorry for the long reply. That could have been an idea of its own, but it feels kinda duplicate-ish to just open an new idea instead of discussing it here.

  • Milo B commented
    19 Nov, 2021 03:18am

    Kevin Andre Gaup, this actually does limit users if it does not allow the pack to run if it detects optifine. That's not to say this is a terrible idea though, I just think a warning would be better than complete restriction.

  • Guest commented
    12 Nov, 2021 11:50pm

    cant you add a mod that throws an optifine bad warning upon pack loadup ith optifine? or prevents launching the game with optifine?

  • Ling Guardi commented
    12 Nov, 2021 08:27pm
    Mods can list optifine as incompatible in their Metadata which prevents launching already. Ask the incompatible mod dev to mark it as not compatible if it isn't. This isn't the role of the launcher but the dev
  • Guest commented
    9 Nov, 2021 02:03pm

    I think that,s why the mod pack insane craft did not respond at step Finishin up

  • Penny Canter commented
    3 Nov, 2021 07:39pm

    I for one of the many who enjoy optifine do not agree with this. If you take the time to see that optifine does not agree with a mod in a modpack or the modpack it's self, it is easy enough to remove it. But there are so many content creators use it and modpack creators will tell you do use it. So my opinion is this has no leg to stand on.

  • Admin
    Team Overwolf commented
    1 Nov, 2021 09:39am

    This is an interesting suggestion, thanks for the feedback.

    Currently setting dependencies and mods as incompatible is obviously only available for projects available on CurseForge - we would have to look at how to enable this both in the UX/UI and technically. We've set this item for future consideration and will update in the future.

  • Kevin Andre Gaup commented
    26 Oct, 2021 06:59pm

    Jason Wilson this is not limiting in any way this is just saving the creators and users time by letting people know optifine is not compatible. further more optifine is a bad thing to run on any modpack as its not really made for modded enviorments but vanilla as a modpack creator i find that 40% of issues can be fixed when i tell a user to remove optifine

  • Jason Wilson commented
    25 Oct, 2021 12:25pm

    Can you downvote an idea? In no way do I want this software limiting what I manually load in the mods folder.

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