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Faborge is a mod that makes fabric compatible with Fabric mods

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  • Jul 20 2020
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  • David Liu commented
    29 Mar 01:34pm

    Add a fabric mod to forge mod converter page

  • jason Edward commented
    11 Mar 05:33am

    For modpacks it's relatively easy, having more mods the same author gets rewards for could have diminishing returns. 1 mod = 1 share, 2 mods = 1.9 shares, 3 mods = 2.7 shares, 4 mods = 3.3 shares, 5 mods = 3.8 shares, 6 mods = 4.2 shares, 7 mods = 4.5 shares, 8 mods = 4.7 shares, 9 mods = 4.8 shares, each additional mod +0.1 share.

    There's still some potential for gaming by teams, e.g. having 3 people and 3 mods could give either 3 shares or 2.7 shares in total (each mod with one author vs. all mods with 3 authors) but I think that should be low enough it can be ignored.

    For direct downloads it's not quite as easy, tracking which mods a user downloads e.g. in one day could work. Alternatively the number of mods an author gets rewards for on a day could be used. The issue here is that the number of downloads for those mods are not the same, so applying the factor gets a bit trickier---there's the potential that the total reward amount goes down when one more mod is downloaded.

  • ImaWie ner commented
    5 Mar 01:19pm

    Why Fabric or Forge. Why Not Just Have One?

  • f f commented
    16 Feb 09:57pm


  • Timtower commented
    12 Feb 10:23am

    This idea portal is for suggestions for the app and website.

    This is not something that Curseforge should fix.

  • Teddy Li commented
    8 Feb 09:03am

    Convert Fabric to Forge Mods? I disagree. Forge is a heavy and bad thing.

    If we wanna start the project, try to immitate OptiFabric and make it as a Loader instead of Mod.

  • Teddy Li commented
    8 Feb 09:00am

    We need Fabroge Loader instead. It can remap Forge and Lite Mods from srg to intermediary, and redirect those FML interfaces to a bridge provided by Fabroge. Then we can load Fabric Mods and Forge Mods happily together. :D

  • Zander Volby-Flor commented
    19 Jan 05:58pm


  • Lord 42 commented
    12 Jan 08:38pm

    Be so kind and share it with us when its ready

  • Lord 42 commented
    12 Jan 08:37pm


  • iltersinav2b (TÜRKİYE) commented
    10 Jan 04:17pm


  • Cheezburger commented
    11 Dec, 2020 09:40am

    I need it I need it I need it I need it PLZ mmake it Plz make it Plz make it Plz im begging u lol

  • Kiara Minecraft commented
    11 Dec, 2020 02:41am

    I definitly need this! There are some mods that I want to use but I can't use them with my favorite Forge Mods.

  • Markus Günzler commented
    7 Dec, 2020 06:09pm

    Nice Idea say ErythroCraft

    You can start on 1.16.4 ??

  • Enes commented
    7 Dec, 2020 06:44am

    pls do this

    i need fabricforge version of 1.16.4

  • Kree Zuhl commented
    14 Oct, 2020 12:09pm

    this would be more of an idea for the modding community wouldn't it vs the company that is taking over hosting our content and paying us for letting them host our content.

    I agree i would like to see a mod loader that could load a mixture of fabric and forge mods in a single pack.

  • Zachary Clingenpeel commented
    5 Oct, 2020 01:43pm

    Hold on, this would be a mod, like OptiFabric, which re-writes and re-compiles JAR files, which can significantly increase loading times and RAM load. It would probably be easier to compile Fabric files to Forge mods, not the other way around. It would also likely decrease RAM load, due to the fact that Fabric mods are generally smaller and more lightweight than Forge mods.

  • Kiara Minecraft commented
    18 Aug, 2020 03:34pm

    Do you mean "Forge compatible with Fabric mods"?