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Modrinth compatibility

Add modrinth mods to the curseforge app. Curseforge mod mods and modpacks will have "Highly moderated" badge. You'll also be able to link your curseforge and modrinth projects, to enable all files in the same page. Mods will have the badge only if all the files are highly moderated. Modpacks will have the badge only if all the mods are highly moderated. Files are highly moderated if they are on curseforge. Modrinth files will be marked as one dev stage down. Release > beta > alpha > not available on curse forge. This is to help modders add beta files easily.
  • DanielGolan
  • Sep 19 2021
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  • Guest commented
    30 May 05:09pm

    for everyone that complaining about how bad curse has become. just move your mods to modrinth

    also remember to pester your favorite mod creators to move to modrinth as well and to also not use curse any more.

    This is a direct attack on overwolf for being anti competitive.

    you can find them here