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Official API Interface for checking for mod updates

Minecraft modders constantly update there mods, but instead of having to download them one by one separately, again and again, it would be cool, if it would be super easy (plug and play like) to check if their mod has been updated by them and to automatically download the latest version for Fabric or Forge, depending on what you use to then update the mod after the next Minecraft startup. The best would be to check for those updates already on the startup of Minecraft to then show a button to be able to update the mod or not.

Like a button: "Update all mods" and a button, if you want to go through them one by one: "Update this mod" and afterwards the option to restart now, to update the mods or restart later to install the updates next time, and a button to backup the mods to update before as well as the worlds, to prevent breaking them.

If this would just be a passage of code to add to each mod and just one function to call or so, that would be awesome.

  • Daniel Patyk
  • Aug 28 2021
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