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Add aether mod

well if Was always awesome there was zero gravity armor super jump armor moa birds and maybe add a second one aether pack mixed with furniture: modern 2 where instead you can craft all the furniture in survival it dont have to be all the furniture just the essentials. It would make a great hybrid pack bring it to Xbox one pls

just think of all the unique bosses and mobs with a aether and the power to decorate your home with epic furniture. In one pack

another idea Sky blocks with optional lightly modded enchantments like knock back in general not higher than ten maybe lvl 3 or 5 knockback craftable item. with craftable defenses like turrets traps razor wire and where you can build everything and with unique crafting stations and uses those defenses to make a sky base and pvp

  • Guest
  • Aug 28 2021
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  • Tim Tower commented
    8 Sep 12:52pm

    Mod developers need to upload those, not curseforge

  • Guest commented
    28 Aug 12:54pm

    that would be like what I’m talking about cause we’d need a way to get diamonds for the pvp and sugar cane to make paper and books for enchanting a. a automated way for cobblestone and some base building stuff so access to Redstone in sky blocks I don’t know any opinions are welcome.

  • Guest commented
    28 Aug 12:50pm

    in raft survival a sifter gives you different thing depending on if you u sand, dirt or gravel. which could be great youd need a book to explain it all if they had to fish for items.