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A "Discover Mods" Search Option or Tab

Currently, the search options are based on update time, creation time, and number of downloads. These sorts of searches only bring up mods based on when they were last updated or how popular they are. However, say there is a mod that hasn't been updated in a few months, but doesn't garner many downloads. How would people find this mod without being told it exists?

A "Discover" section could contain a random assortment of mods that are 1) Active, 2) Don't get many downloads, daily or total, and 3) Have been around for more than a week, since last update or creation. It could also contain filters based on what the mod is tagged with. This way, players can know of a variety of mods that aren't popular, as well as help authors get discovered.

  • Androsa
  • Jul 11 2020
  • Future consideration
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  • Uraneptus commented
    11 Jul, 2020 09:03pm

    Great idea, so you can easy find cool mods and support the author at the same time