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[WoW] Multiple Interface version support for add-ons

World of Warcraft now supports 4 .toc files for add-ons :

  • AddonName-Mainline.toc for WoW Retail

  • AddonName-BCC.toc for WoW Burning Crusade Classic

  • AddonName-Classic.toc for WoW Classic Era

  • and still AddonName.toc as fallback if there is no matching version-specific .toc file

This allow add-on developers to release a single package that works on all 3 current WoW versions instead of one release per WoW version.

More details here :

Even if, for a single file, the CurseForge website allows to manually set a different version number for each version of WoW, only the Interface number within the main AddonName.toc file is used by the API to determine the actual game version.

This feature has been released in WoW since june and it's still not supported by the CurseForge API, forcing add-on developers to post duplicate releases for each WoW version as a workaround.

When performing an add-on search using the API for a specific WoW version, the Interface version should be retreived from it's specific .toc file or from the default .toc if the specific one doesn't exist.

In addition, when a new add-on file is imported, the proper WoW versions should be set on the website as well.

  • Lenwë Sáralondë
  • Jul 29 2021
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  • StormFX commented
    2 Nov, 2021 05:38pm

    If one looks at, you can see that the game client supports Mainline, BCC, Classic, TBC, Vanilla with either a - (dash) or _ (underscore). I'm not sure if CurseForge's API reflects this completely.

  • Admin
    Team Overwolf commented
    31 Oct, 2021 12:17pm

    This was added in the recent Client version.
    You can now tag multiple interface versions/flavours and upload multi TOC files in your file.