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Application has mastered the art of the Ninja Update, make it master asking first

Issue to fix: The app will automatically restart to update, regardless of what the app is currently doing, cancelling any download that was in progress.

Suggested Solution: Just copy Steam and have a pop-up window asking if the app can be allowed to update right now.

Reason its an issue: I literally just spent 20+ minutes trying to download one of the larger minecraft mod-packs (I have not-so-good internet) only for the app to gracefully go "Oh, I see you have nearly finished downloading your mod-pack... be a real shame if it got cancelled so the app can restart to update,,, oh right, you don't get a choice."

I don't know if it is an isolated incident that just happened to happen this one time (not something I can actively test) and/or only happened to me but an option to let me allow the app to update would still be a nice inclusion

Really only affects people who just happen to be doing something when an update hits, but still annoying when you are doing something, especially if it is something you have to wait on.

I hope I explained the issue/suggestion well enough, I'm not the most concise individual when it comes to explaining things.

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  • Jul 25 2021
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