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Have OverWolf/CurseForge Launcher Read Entire Version String Rather Than Last Characters When Updating A Project File

Maybe technically a bug in the client, but it seems that it only reads the last numbers when updating mod/project versions (at least on the minecraft side of things). I feel it would be really helpful for the program to be able to read the entire version string rather than the last characters as some mods/projects have untraditional version naming schemes and it often tends to download a previous version as "latest" because the last characters were higher than the actual current version.

In other words, something with version of 2.3.4.d4f1ada77 might be read after something named 2.2.3.d5fa178 due to the last characters being indexed as "higher" than the actual current, which can be read from the first 3 characters (the numbers specifically). I've ran into a few projects that have version naming something like this (often done by their IDE or version control program, not them), and it can be a bit of an annoyance having to make sure to check that the version downloaded is the actual latest version.

Or maybe even just have it check the version submission date? Sure, the client can still say it was just on day x, but on the server it should still store the initial submission date fully. And if magically somehow two files are marked with the same timestamp, it should then default to reading the version string

I don't know how the system internals work obviously, but based on what I have observed when hitting the update button when updating minecraft mods, this is what I have observed, and I feel updating this to something like this system may finally get things to line up as they should. I honestly wouldn't be surprised though to find out that the system is already set up this way but somehow something derped when reading the dots in between.

Sorry if this is in the wrong spot :/

  • Igor Tsyhanchuk
  • Jul 25 2021
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