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Allow updating of custom profiles/modpacks instead of importing as new

It would be really nice to have a function to update a custom profile (for Minecraft) instead of always importing as new.
This is for the cases where you have a private modpack that you share with just a few friends.
And occasionally makes changes to.

To match together modpacks one could either have a GUID generated when a custom profile is created that will be used for matching together.
Alternatively during export one could have a custom defined ID that can match packs together.

For version control you could initially keep the current version number field and just display currently installed version and the version of the new pack (and maybe a creation date?).
And then prompt the user on what to do (update or import as new, in which case a new guid will be generated for the newly imported profile).

Probably a some edge cases, especially with the choice to either update or import as new.
But overall it will make it much more convenient for those that just want to have a private modpack shared between friends. And not always have to wipe all of their settings each time the pack is updated.

  • SuperFlue
  • Jun 29 2021
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  • Guest commented
    4 Jan 01:40am

    Commented on this in another thread already, but it is worth repeating.

    This needs to be a thing. We should be able to update custom profiles to new game versions. It should become an option once forge/fabric is released for said version. To combat mod incompatibilities, have individual mods disabled/locked until a compatible update is available. Just pop a warning when updating that says "Will most likely break existing worlds until all mods are updated".

  • Guest commented
    2 Jan 02:02pm

    this is apparently "unplanned" which in my opinion is a very poor decision by the curseforge/overwolf team. keep pushing for this! its impossible to manage profiles without this feature and its really starting to get on my nerves.

  • Guest commented
    16 Oct, 2021 09:34am

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  • SuperFlue commented
    29 Jun, 2021 04:13pm

    I realized afterwards that I set this to the wrong category.
    This was meant for the "Overwolf App" category...