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Better management of addons available for Classic, BCC and Retail WoW.

When I migrated from Classic to BCC and the time after I found a lot of addons were not updated despite BCC versions becoming available. It seems only those addons adapted to BCC or the ones having one version working on multiple client versions was updated and continued working successfully. Some mod authors elected to created a new separate addon for BCC which the client does not recognize as being the update it needs to download. This is where my ide come in. What if each addon can exist only once in the database but have different branches for each client version? This way the Curseforge client can know it's the same addon and download the appropriate version for your WoW client. If this is not feasible, having addons associated with one another in the database so the client could know it's the same addon could also be an option. I hope someone understand what I'm trying to say as I'm not very good with writing an explanation. This is a problem that should be addressed sooner rather than later as there is only going to be more WoW clients in the future.

  • theAnton
  • Jun 25 2021
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  • Claycorp commented
    30 Jun 05:34pm

    This is already the case. Projects files are shown by game version in the app. Devs should be uploading separate files per game version to the same project instead of making new projects if they want things to work correctly.