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Overhaul the CurseForge email newsletter

The CurseForge email newsletter used to be a very aesthetically pleasing email to look at every day. It was an insightful way to know about mod updates, which as a modpack developer is very important.

Over time the email has lost a lot of its styles and structure likely due to changes behind the scenes and the migration from Curse to Twitch. As such, the newsletter now looks like this (see attached).

It would be great to see a newly designed newsletter that;

  • Separating out the newsletter for individual CF sites (e.g. Minecraft, Wow, etc.)

  • New graphics/styles for the email making it better to look at

  • Fully responsive so it can be viewed from mobile mail clients

  • More details for new files released on a followed project (e.g. type - release, beta or alpha (and the ability to configure which you receive emails for), what version of Minecraft/game it was for, etc)

  • To only show the main file upload in the newsletter, not all the other subfiles (e.g. api jars, deobf jars, server packs, etc.)

In addition to this, a more general newsletter about updates on the platform and changes/fixes made would also be really cool.

  • SnowShock35
  • Jul 5 2020
  • Planned
  • Aug 19, 2020

    Admin response

    Jumping to the last bit of your suggestion - a general newsletter in the lines of what you described is part of our planned.
    You can subscribe to it here.