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just to make things better for new ppl.

when i first joined or got into modding... i had no idea what i was doing. i tried taking a mod and putting it in minecrafts resource packs. [lol i had no idea what i was doing.] then i saw i could download curseforge to make it easier, so i did. i have a pretty good grasp on it now but i feel curseforge needs to have something like a small skipable tutorial just to say the basics. before i figured out how to make the profiles and set my own modpacks, i thought i could only play uploaded modpacks. i didnt even know how to add my own mods or edit minecrafts things.

put simple, theres needs to be a short basic tutorial you can skip and bring up anytime. from how to install modpacks to making your own and playing them with friends.

i came in from bedrock fascinated on how amazing mods make minecraft. when i actually got in i felt like a mouse in a endless maze eating up my computers space and ram.

anyway i really appreciate how curseforge connects with its community and looks for ways to improve. thank you!

[i run under two accounts btw, one for my games and one as my email. its weird but use the one i entered if contact is needed.]

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  • Jun 23 2021
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