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Need CurseForge login without Overwolf.

There is no reason for me to subscribe. I subscribed months ago and I still get ads. It appears from the menu interface that I have to log into Overwolf first. Overwolf offers no value to me. They appear to be scum-sucking bottom feeders that only exist to hoover up individual's private data for repackaging and resale. Curseforge offers value to me. But clearly, subscribing doesn't do any good if it requires Overwolf.

Please remember my curse login (not my old Twitch login) and my subscription status. Otherwise I will cancel my subscription because I'm still getting ads and it doesn't appear that any of my subscription is going to CurseForge.

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  • Jun 20 2021
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  • Claycorp commented
    21 Jun 04:15am
    1. Yes, you need to log into overwolf for subscriptions to be in effect as the overwolf account handles the subscription. Not sure how you would have subscribed without using it in the first place as it's the only way to get a subscription for CurseForge.

    2. Overwolf doesn't collect private data, nor sell any data. You can also opt out of almost all the data collected.

    3. CurseForge hasn't had it's own logins since the Twitch rebrand of the site in May 2019.