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Minecraft - Regarding the Recent Forge/Fabric Filtering

Recently, the CurseForge App (CFA) has implemented native support for the Fabric Modloader for Minecraft, meaning that modpacks running on Fabric don't need to download and install Fabric API (and Jumploader) themselves, and users can instead simply choose to use the Fabric modloader upon creation of a custom modpack.

This was complemented by the team requiring Fabric mod creators to retroactively mark their mods as for the Fabric modloader, else they would be marked as for the Forge modloader by default.

Additionally, the CFA now filters all search results based on this new marking system, whereby if your modpack uses the Fabric modloader, the mod search will only display mods that are marked as Fabric by this new system.

The trouble is, a lot of Fabric mods have not yet been marked as Fabric, because this change has only happened recently. Therefore, they are marked as Forge by default, and so they aren't shown in the CFA search results pertaining to Fabric. There is currently no way to view search results pertaining to Forge - which is the default for all mods until marked as Fabric.

The CurseForge website does not have this filtering yet, and so users can still download and install Forge-marked Fabric mods manually, but the charm of the CFA is that it automatically finds, downloads and installs any dependencies a mod has, like APIs. The website does not.

My suggestion for the CFA:

  1. Temporarily remove the Forge/Fabric filtering until most of the Fabric mods have been marked as such by their creators, and/or

  2. Allow users to switch between Forge results and Fabric results when searching for mods.

This way, the transition into the new system will be smoother, and not essentially doing a cold-switch whereby all the filtering happens all at once, and the mod creators are left to catch up.

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  • Jun 17 2021
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  • Claycorp commented
    21 Jun, 2021 04:51am
    1. No, that would totally defeat the purpose of the separation. The tag to mark what loader it uses has existed for ~2 years. There's nobody to blame other than the project owners for not using it.

    2. Again, this defeats the purpose of the whole thing.

    Instead of having curseforge fix the issue tell the people with incorrectly marked mods to fix the files as they should have done in the first place.