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More Customization Options For Custom Profiles (My Modpacks)

I often create quite a lot of custom profiles (custom modpacks) to play test certain mods and at the end of the day I end up with a bunch of custom modpacks with the same image and look. I have no other way except reading the Title and Minecraft version of the modpack to tell them apart.

I propose the following suggestions to improve the creation and management of personal modpack:

  • The ability to change profile pictures of custom profiles
    (custom personal modpacks)

  • Being able to change the UI color theme inside/outside of the custom modpack (a set of standard color palettes presets and being able to create your own color color UI theme)

  • Being able to filter modpacks based on alphabetic order (title of modpack or author), date of creation, last time used and version (All of which can work reversed)

  • Quizer9O8
  • Jul 2 2020
  • Planned
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  • zack yuill commented
    16 Jan 11:47am


  • Shelby Kauth commented
    21 Dec, 2020 01:22am

    This would be so useful. Especially since the tiles tend to rearrange themselves when I play different profiles. Also I kinda pick arbitrary names, so it's hard to remember and associate what each profile was made for. It would be so nice to see different pictures for our own modpacks, instead of just the published ones.

  • Benji Cross commented
    14 Dec, 2020 08:30pm

    I really wish this had more votes. It throws me off to have so many of the same picture for the separate modpacks. I don't even care if they have us pick from their own "pictures" folder, just give us stuff like how minecraft lets you have different block options for your profiles!

  • Claycorp commented
    16 Aug, 2020 04:39am

    Adding to this...
    Profile folders or tags would be a nice way to custom sort profiles.

  • Kiara Minecraft commented
    1 Aug, 2020 08:32pm

    I would love to see this.