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API to support 3rd party launchers Merged

An API that is open to 3rd party launchers. Per the information that OW will be using their launcher to generate a lot of revenue. My thought is that this API should also push the current ad. To help ensure that 3rd party launchers are displaying the ad, a 3rd Party Launcher Certification should be given to launcher developers that display the ad. A token or something is in the transaction to indicate a sanctioned launcher, if no token the launcher can't access the api.

Users of the launcher should be able to get a reward for reporting on launchers not displaying the ad if it is found to be true. Like the way you can narc on people with the crime hotline and get paid.

  • Kree Zuhl
  • Jul 2 2020
  • Already exists
  • Exo Plant commented
    24 Nov, 2021 08:31pm

    This really isn't looking good for you CF. You need to support 3rd party launchers or stop your launcher from being so forge-biased, slow, not supporting Linux. Like literally, the only pros (after these API changes) of using your launcher is that it works for downloading mods automatically. Make your launcher have other pros and I may consider coming back to the CF platform.

    Kind Regards,


  • Robert Rule commented
    22 Nov, 2021 04:54pm

    With an ad to promote 3rd party launchers, it has to be secure and safe to run due to the trust that malicious ads in the past have broke.

    There are people out there that would go to any lengths to steal personal information, steal important files or otherwise scam people by injection of malicious code into the system that delivers the ad to the people who view it.

    The last thing anyone wants is to get infected with sudden malicious programs from an unsecure ad program, especially one that expects to get paid off the advertising from having a single, non-invasive ad on the launchers.

  • David commented
    22 Nov, 2021 02:47pm

    What about command line launchers?

  • Admin
    Team Overwolf commented
    26 Oct, 2021 11:12am

    This was merged with another item as the API will cover 3rd party use as well through API Key generating as part of the documentation.

  • iltersinav2b (TÜRKİYE) commented
    10 Jan, 2021 05:01pm

    Like TLauncher?