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Move the ad bar from the right side of the launcher to the bottom

Simple, Title says it all - The "Ad box" being attached to the right side of the launcher is quite frustrating and takes up a lot of room, As someone who uses the CurseForge platform to publish mods and is often working on a few things at once, I like to have everything tidy and resized adequatly.

Where when working with the curseforge app resizing everything resizes the ad space along with it (go figure). What I am proposing doesn't "Remove" the ad space but simply re-homes it at the bottom of the launcher instead.

I've attached an image of a concept design for this and I personally think it would go a long way for this - Even if you're not doing multiple things at once the launcher is quite chonky with the ad space on the side.

  • Peter
  • May 11 2021
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  • Claycorp commented
    14 May 01:20am

    Ads use standard sizes across the web.
    Moving the ad to the bottom will take away more space than a side ad would, thus it's in the best location that it currently can be.

  • Peter commented
    11 May 04:22pm

    Update: Here are some examples of the current app vs. Proposed Changes