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Add an option to ignore certain files or the update icon for a mod

I guess this is sorta along the lines of the whole fabric and forge thing, but not really, i think it would be a great idea to have an option to remove a certain file from appearing as an update. As an example, many mod creators will package both there forge and fabric versions in one mod, which is handy yet annoying at the same time, because as long as one of the files was released after the previous, the update icon will appear, but I don't want to update it because I know its not the right type of file. Another example though so you don't think its just a fabric and forge issue, lets say a mod author releases a new file that crashes during a specific event whereas the previous one didn't, its not the authors fault, but I don't want the CurseForge app telling me to update the mod when all it will do is break things. So I suggest either an option to remove certain files form a profile's preferences, or allow an ignore button(both a "for now" and a permanent) where if you right click the update icon, you can click on the "ignore for now" button so it wont appear until another file is released

  • Dweebul
  • Apr 28 2021
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