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Don't automatically download when looking at "changelog"

WoW player, got burned once blindly downloading update without checking changelog. Using curseforge, when I open the Mod, and open changelog, I go back to list and it's updated - without my telling it to

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  • Apr 16 2021
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    Team Overwolf commented
    21 Apr 07:30am

    Sorry about that :(
    we tried to reproduce this and couldn't, could you please open a ticket at and add your logs?
    If you can also please specify which WoW Game version (retail/classic etc.) and addon + what on which setting is your addon sync / auto update on.

    This would be helpful in resolving this for all users, and once again sorry to hear about it, it must be frustrating.

    (how to export logs - Windows OS

    1. Right-click your Overwolf tray icon and hit 'Support'

    2. Click on 'Create logs zip'

    3. The location window will pop automatically, with the zip highlighted - send it to)