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Better search (Extension of the roadmap)

Currently, searches use OR logic on all of your search terms. The more terms you type, the less narrow your search gets.
A more sensible default would be for it to use AND: Requiring all terms to "match" in any displayed results.
Second, at present, the way search terms are matched is super limited. Searches only match terms from the start of words. The minecraft mod NotEnoughScaffold cannot be found with a search for Scaffold. The mod B.A.S.E. is to the best of my ability to tell, completely unsearchable.
Searches being able to match the inside of a word, and not just the start, would be great.

  • Team Overwolf
  • Jul 1 2020
  • Planned
  • Aug 5, 2020

    Admin response

    We're planning to expand the search feature as part of our Ux/Ui changes.
    Searching for a string within the mod is something we hope to release close to the handover, and later we will look into other search capabilities and options.

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  • Milkev Gaming commented
    2 Aug 07:48pm

    been 2 years, when is this supposed to be part of curseforge?

  • Guest commented
    5 Dec, 2020 05:49am

    honestly i'd love the idea to use refining terms or Regex to search, kinda like google

    EG "Scaffold" -fix or something of that nature

  • atarikafa atarikafa commented
    30 Nov, 2020 02:49am

    rightnow even 3 filter modpack search is awesome. cant wait when it gets better. thanks <3

  • Bryant Byrd commented
    7 Nov, 2020 04:50am

    This is why I have resorted to screen scraping in the past. I gathered data so I could pull it into a database and find what I was looking for. I still went back to the CurseForge site to download stuff but the search is so cumbersome right now.

  • Britt Yazel commented
    22 Oct, 2020 05:57pm

    Yeah it's weird. My addon "Enhanced Raid Frames" when searched exactly in the search box ends up as the #6 result, even though the name match is exact. It definitely makes it tough for people to search for specific addons.

  • Kree Zuhl commented
    5 Aug, 2020 12:16pm

    I just realized that the original posters concept of what AND does is the same definition they gave for OR. They are rightly confused. I do hope that you guys figured it out, I wouldn't want OW implementing a bad search algorithm.

    OR logic would expand the search results

    AND logic narrows the search results

    You should also implement pattern matching or substring matching, this is all probably esoteric in the requesting.

    Perhaps just implement regex with an expandable box that allows us to manually type in fields for the search that will populate the regex.

    or just implement google search engine.

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