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Change how modpacks are displayed again (New setting)

So we all know how modpacks were displayed before in Curseforge Application right? If not here is a image.
I loved how this modpacks were displayed but now... let's see an image.

With this comparison I would like to suggest to have a new setting in curseforge so we can choose between this two ways. It would be amazing if we could still change the size of the modpacks but I think I am not the only one who thinks that the old display was much better.

To clarify the best feature that there was on the old display that changes a lot the new one and makes it worst (in my opinion) is the fixed Play button that would never disappear

  • Picono 435
  • Apr 9 2021
  • Not planned
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    Team Overwolf commented
    21 Apr 07:38am

    Hey - we added more user control over the view, and made the UI more compact to allow more content to be displayed.

    It's nice to hear you liked the previous interface, however we think the new one can provide many advantages for users.

    We will keep checking in on this suggestion to see if it receives more upvotes.