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Option for single (non-recurring) payment for a year's OverWolf subscription


One favorite pet peeve of mine is very small (<=$10.00) monthly payment systems that are often the only subscription option to useful online sites, tools, services, software, etc. such as the CurseForge support for a WoW player's AddOn collection, namely OverWolf.

Now that Curse has resumed control over the operation of WoW AddOn Support (OverWolf) at CurseForge, I would like to become a subscriber. The catch is that I have a very firm rule against enabling auto-payments from any of my bank or credit accounts.

With CurseForge's OverWolf addon support already available for free (I do not see enough ads to bother me) there is no drawback to letting me pay by the year, except sending me a couple-three reminders to renew; say one month, one week, and one day before my current subscription expires. A nastygram banner that shows up on the main CurseForge OverWolf screen would be more than adequate if I actually let my subscription lapse. :-)

So, to keep this message almost short, let me just ask: can you add an option for people to subscribe by the year without enabling any kind of recurring payment system on whatever method I use to pay for the subscription?

PayPal is what I have been defaulting to for such arrangements and I will cover the small extra fee they apply to the ~$36.00 donation you currently ask for as recurring monthly payments (twelve in this case) of about $2.99 until such time as a subscriber cancels.

If that works for you, please let me know when the single lump sum annual subscription option becomes available. You might be surprised at how many people will like that option enough to actually subscribe for the first time. :-)

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  • Apr 4 2021
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    Team Overwolf commented
    6 Apr, 2021 08:33am

    Hey there! thanks for the detailed suggestion.
    I would break this up to several issues:

    1) Yearly subscription plan is in plans (one time fee for a full year of premium, which might also include some form of discount)
    2) We will use the same payment methods that are currently available for the yearly sub
    3) We have yet to define how the reminders for the system will work, however you can also review that in-app in the Subscriptions page under Settings. Currently, you can easily cancel the renewal there at any time.