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Improve Modpack Approval Staff

I've been really enjoying a minecraft modpack, but the modpack creator has encountered an issue where updates to the pack are taking ages to get approved, even simple updates that tweak configs and update mods in the pack. MineColonies updates multiple times a day fixing major bugs, so a 72 hour wait to get an updated modpack version feels like an eternity. I understand you need to check files for malware (I appreciate you making sure the files here are safe), but this delay makes your platform near-unusable for packs that use mods which update so frequently. This seems like an area to allocate additional personnel to decrease modpack approval wait times.

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  • Apr 3 2021
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    Team Overwolf commented
    4 Apr, 2021 11:32am

    Hey there, thanks for bringing the up.

    Other than during and immediately after weekends, most submissions take less than 24 hours for approval.
    We are working on our backend systems to improve moderation tools, and with that reducing the waiting times.
    Additional staff and working hours are also examined, so we are interested to see if this suggestion gains traction as an indication for us moving forward.

    Oh and if you want in on a secret - submitting new projects and files on Tuesday will probably get you the quickest moderation time :D