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Localization Broken

When users submit translations. In the revision history section, any previous translations for a phrase will all display the latest translation, rather than all the previous version of the translation. There is no way to revert to a previous translations once a user has submitted a new translation

  • Ryan Coombes
  • Apr 1 2021
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  • Ryan Coombes commented
    7 Apr, 2021 11:28am

    I've referring to the new look back in 2019 (before the overwolf transition)

  • Admin
    Team Overwolf commented
    7 Apr, 2021 11:01am

    that's great (the explanation, not the bug)
    quick follow up
    'twitch transitioned over to their new look' - do you mean the new site under Overwolf, or the previous changes that Twitch did several years back?

  • Ryan Coombes commented
    6 Apr, 2021 08:39pm

    Interesting, I just tried to find a page in the wayback machine to show how it used to work before it broke. Funnily enough Wayback Machine is still able to query the endpoint correctly and hence showing the correct information. I have attached a screenshot below and also a link to the page, so you can view the error.

  • Ryan Coombes commented
    6 Apr, 2021 08:23pm

    Thanks for the response. Yes this part of the website was broken when twitch transitioned over to their new look. I did report it to twitch at the time, but nothing was done about it.

    Apologies for not explaining clearer. In the screenshot you can see the same exact phrase listed over and over again. This is a bug. What should happen is the website should list all previous "Versions" of the translation (including different people who have translated the phrase over time.

    For example, if 5 people submitted a translation for the phrase. It should list all 5 players and the phrase they submitted. I can then go in and approve the translation I like the best. However at the moment, when a new submission is added, it will delete all previous translations made by people and instead replace it with the latest phrase submitted over and over again (hence what is shown in the screenshot)

    At the moment, with this bug, I have no way to revert to a previous translation if needed. I can only approve the latest submission that is sent in.

    I hope this makes sense, let me know if you need any more details.

  • Admin
    Team Overwolf commented
    6 Apr, 2021 08:53am

    Was this different before?
    We did not change this feature from how Twitch had it, would be great if you can shed more light on this!