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Add official ingame client Minecraft

I know ths will defenetly take all lot of time and effort to do, but please add an ingame client, the poential is limitless expecially with cruse forge.

some ideas for the client/launcher

Ingame texturepack and map downloading and browsing

Ingame structure coping and pasting into other worlds (like buildings for mcpe,


Optifine /Optifabric+ Optifine

New clean Ingame Overlay Orange black white

Ingame cutumizable cosmetics

Friend networking system(like omlet arcade, android)

Offline mode for premium members

Premium member bonusses like cosmetics etc.

Mc Creator Integration

This is all of course future planning ideas and nothing you probably could do rigth now since it would take a lot of planning, time, and a high budget.

But it would be a really cool if Cruse forge would be a bit more like omlet arcade in some aspects not all.

like the multiplayer aspect or the mods aspect.

I'm going to use the launcher whatever happens because your just the best when it comes to modpack creation and clean overlay so keep it up.

The upgrade to overwolf was eally good and you have improved a lot

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  • Mar 25 2021
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  • Tim Tower commented
    26 Mar 07:48am

    How would it work then? Needs to be a mod, not everything is modded.

    Not everything is in the same version either.