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Multiple Modpack Support for Stardew Valley

Modifying Stardew Valley through SMAPI (Stardew Modding API) allows for multiple mod folders if you create specialized links, and so it would be nice if Curseforge also did this.
As an example, one of my desktop links redirects like this - "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Stardew Valley\StardewModdingAPI.exe" --mods-path "Mods ( Basic )"

There are many mods that only change the cosmetic appearance of your farm. So you could have a Witchy aesthetic farm, or a Victorian farm, but you have to have separate folders. Or there are different versions of the farm map that you can use, but they replace a vanilla map. Or there are mods that allow for more farm animal variety if that's what you want. But all of these mods replace vanilla files, so you can't have them installed at the same time.

There are also tons of mods that function perfectly well in singleplayer, but won't work at all in multiplayer, and crash the game if installed. I have some mods I can use with a friend who only plays vanilla Stardew, but other mods make the game impossible for them to play vanilla while I play modded.

I personally have 13 mod configurations on my PC and was looking to switch to Curseforge for the automatically updating mods feature, but without the ability to create differing modpacks, I cannot use Curseforge for Stardew Valley.

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  • Mar 19 2021
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    16 Oct 09:33am

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  • Vijabei commented
    20 Mar 05:35pm

    OK, I think this topic is close or the same feature as I would like to have. Actually modding Stardew Valley is a bit complicated and not as smooth as it could be. There is no know client (by me not know) that can handle it with instances and automatic SMAPI installation. That is identical to Minecraft and Forge.

    Updates with GOG/Steam are actually difficult because you have to remove SMAPI before that. And the CurseForge Client doesn't verify if the SMAPI files belong to a valid installation. CurseForge found a backup with only the SMAPI files on my system.

    Would be nice to get this feature. As far as I know it would be unique.