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The ability to search and install specific mods directly in the app for custom profiles

It would be useful as it would make it easier and quicker to install them, rather than needing to open your browser and find the right version of the mod, download it and then drag it in for every mod that you wanted.

It would benefit anyone who is making their own Modpack for themselves, who don't want to leave the app to find all the mods and download them all separately. It would also work for people who aren't creating their own modpack, as there could be a feature to install a mod to an already configured modpack.

You could add tick-boxes for each mod, you could just tick the box for each mod you want to add to the profile, and then have an "Install Selected Mods" button, which would go ahead and download all the mods you selected and add them to the "mods" folder in the profile.

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  • Mar 16 2021
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    Team Overwolf commented
    24 Mar 10:43am

    This can be done using the app, as Clay mentioned here

  • Claycorp commented
    17 Mar 03:19am

    This already exists?

    1. Click + Create Custom Profile

    2. Name it, select the required Minecraft version, select the Forge version (usually the highest number), click Create.

    3. Click the profile icon.

    4. Click Add New Content

    5. Search and install the desired mods.

    6. Start the game!

    How to add/remove mods in a modpack.

    1. Click on the picture of the modpack.

    2. Click the Add More Content button, IF this button is not there, see below before continuing.

    3. Find the Mods, Resource Packs or Maps you wish to Install and click Install on them.

    4. Wait for all the required mods to be downloaded.

    5. Start the modpack.

    How to Enable/Disable content management for modpacks.

    1. Click on the picture of the modpack.

    2. Click on the button next to the Play button.

    3. Click on Profile Options.

    4. Check the Allow content management for this profile option if you want to edit the content of the modpack, uncheck it to disable.

    NOTE: The Allow content management for this profile option is what allows you to Delete, Disable, Update or Install any Mods, Resource Packs or Maps managed by CurseForge. It must be on to modify any of them! (Currently)