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Add the option to download individual mods and addons in the Curseforge app

The curseforge app, so far, has had only the option to download modpacks, but no option to download single mods and addons. I think it would be cool if we could download more than just modpacks. It would benefit everyone. Because there would be people who would only want to download mods, so please add this feature 🙏🏼

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  • Mar 2 2021
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  • itsmeowdev commented
    28 Apr 06:25pm

    I think more clarity regarding mods vs modpacks would be a useful addition.

    A dedicated "Mods" menu, which allows you to search all mods. Then, if you click "Install", the client will ask you what game version you want (using the project's marked file versions as the options) and automatically create a profile containing only that mod. Then it will prompt if you want to add more and open the Get Content menu for you. This way, it removes the confusion of having to create a profile and select a version before just getting a mod. It provides more exposure to mods directly and makes it easier for mods to grow individually outside of packs. As a modmaker I often feel like packs are the only way my mods can gain any exposure, and giving mods as an option directly to users in the client would benefit everyone.

    Basically, emphasize mods more instead of modpacks.

  • Leo Holdiman commented
    3 Mar 08:58pm

    This already exists, just create a modpack in the client and add your own mods

  • Admin
    Team Overwolf commented
    3 Mar 07:03am

    hey thanks!
    from what we know, mods can't be launched by their own and require the modpack format to work.
    So, how would individual mod-downloading be of use for you?
    If you can add more detail it'll help us define the issue better and hopefully come up with a solution that actually suits the needs :)

  • Guest commented
    3 Mar 03:00am

    i think you can