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Minecraft Mods Text Output

Allows you to take a modpack and condense all of its information, including links to the relevant mod pages, into a single document of text to read. Should be useable within browsers and most basic text programs.

Biggest use I could see for this is to easily share and show what mods you are using if it is not a pre-established modpack that many have used. Would allow people who want to know what you're using a good glance-over instead of having to go through the hassle of downloading everything with CurseForge just to look at it....especially if they are uninterested in using the app itself.

If this is already a feature, perhaps some sort of primer or obvious point to where it can be accessed should be made.

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  • Mar 2 2021
  • Not planned
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    Team Overwolf commented
    3 Mar 07:06am

    The mod pages include the information already and are accesable via browser or app.
    If you do not plan on using the app and browser, perhaps you can request the information directly from the author.