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Add versions of mods in the mod list

I feel the need of having the current version and maybe the latest version of a mod I have in a modpack on the side of the mod list. I use the app a lot, and I keep getting errors to what I have researched to be an outdated mod. This would really help improve the modding of profiles, as I got a ton of useful mods and don't want to check each one. Thanks!

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  • Feb 27 2021
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  • Claycorp commented
    27 Feb 11:43pm

    Download modpacks are by default disabled from the update checking for each mod as updating mods after can break modpacks.

    You can follow these instructions to modify a Downloaded pack you didn't make. Otherwise the regular update system applies to profiles you made. If there's a new version you are shown a download arrow on that mod.
    You can also see the mod version in the file name in most cases.

    How to add/remove mods in a modpack.
    1. Click on the picture of the modpack.
    2. Click the Add More Content button, IF this button is not there, see below before continuing.
    3. Find the Mods, Resource Packs or Maps you wish to Install and click Install on them. 4. Wait for all the required mods to be downloaded.
    5. Start the modpack.

    How to Enable/Disable content management for modpacks.

    1. Click on the picture of the modpack.
    2. Click on the button next to the Play button.
    3. Click on Profile Options.
    4. Check the Allow content management for this profile option if you want to edit the content of the modpack, uncheck it to disable.

    NOTE: The Allow content management for this profile option is what allows you to Delete, Disable, Update or Install any Mods, Resource Packs or Maps managed by CurseForge. It must be on to modify any of them! (Currently)