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Don't allow addons to disable if not updated

Forcing gamers to update for every addon version is impractical. For instance, Deadly Boss Mods (Classic WoW) now requires players to update to the most recent version in order to continue using it, otherwise it simply won't work in-game. The odd thing is this stupid addon is updated frequently, often with no indication as to why the update was necessary.

It appears the developer(s) of addons like this push updates to increase downloads so they are rated higher. This is nonsense, annoying, and now completely unethical due to forcing players to update. Combined with the slow curseforge application - which suddenly tries to run in the background all the time, eating processor power - I am beginning to lose interest in utilizing these mods. In fact, I hate it. Time for a new product altogether unless this changes. Cya.

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  • Feb 26 2021
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