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something like that cursed forge madpack but for only single mods Merged

so that people who only really want to use one mod at a time will have an easier time finding them

  • Guest
  • Feb 25 2021
  • Already exists
  • Claycorp commented
    27 Feb 11:26pm

    How to install mods in CurseForge App.

    1. Click + Create Custom Profile

    2. Name it, select the required Minecraft version, select the Forge version (usually the highest number), click Create.

    3. Click the profile icon.

    4. Click Add New Content

    5. Search and install the desired mods.

    6. Start the game!

    How to install mods not on CurseForge.

    1. Right click the profile picture or Open the profile and click the Icon next to the play button.

    2. Click Open Folder.

    3. Drag the mod(s) into the mods folder. (Note: Some mods will require others, to run. Make sure to read the instructions for the mod!)

    4. Start the game!