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Brightest idea: Curseforge standalone. Merged

You keep making bull about "we can't have it launch without overbloatware overwolf". It's been proven you can. You just don't want to because of the ad revenue you'll be getting. You're going to lose a massive chunk of users if you keep this shit up. Overwolf isn't needed nor required by a majority of people using it for minecraft, you're forcing it down our throats.

Now, legally? You're on thin fuckin' ice. You REQUIRE people to be over 18 to use the (overwolf) service, when at least a third of minecraft modded players are aged 13-18.

Functionally? You're making people install a program they neither want nor require. Yes, you can have it standalone, you're lying. No, it isn't difficult, a 15 year old newbie coder made an example and you ignored it. Make a lightweight version of the "required" framework your dear overbloat has, that's apparently "required for curseforge to run" and make it standalone.

Popularity? Shit you gotta use your damn brains. Anyone can see your numbers are falling, and you're starting to panic.

"We have no plans on making a standalone" change it, or lose it. It'll become worthless at this rate.

Wait until people find out you still collect user data despite them saying they don't want to share it. Wonder why you want that? *coughthirdpartydatasellercough*

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  • Feb 21 2021
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