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Curseforge Api For website devopers Needing acess to direct downloads and specific lists of mods

Curseforge is my main and only mod platform that i use for downloading mods for the most part. Curseforge is awesome but sometimes downloading, planning, and bugfixing are a major time consuming problem for me so i wan't to make a website that supports my mod downloading needs. Althought going onto the curseforge site back and forth every time that i want to add a mod direct download takes for ever and to add xml cappabiltity would be a nightmare. So having a Curseforge Api would be very benefishal to me and many other website devopers that need curseforge data. Now how it would work in my opinion is that Curseforge would make an api that on web request via javascript or python but mainly javascript because that is what i use and i think most others use but i could be wrong. Next the data would be handled and be used on site. One thing is that the data would be sent in json.

Thank you for you time and reading this.

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  • Feb 21 2021
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    Team Overwolf commented
    22 Feb, 2021 07:50am

    APIs and documentation are planned for the end of this Quarter.