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Remove inactive projects after a set time.

CurseForge has thousands of projects. Mods, modpacks, shaders, etc. When a project goes inactive, it just sits there. For weeks, months, and finally years.

Rather then hundreds of random projects (Owned by inactive or deleted accounts, or accounts that did not opt into the transfer that we had last year) just sitting there for no reason, after a set time, inactive projects should be removed or transferred to a dedicated Abandoned section. This would clear out a huge amount of space for other projects to fill in, after a bit of time.

Projects that are abandoned should also have an actual indication that they're abandoned, rather than an invisible Abandoned tag that the project owner has to add manually (Which most projects that haven't been updated in years don't have). Make the project receive this Abandoned tag after a set time, along with adding a big red indicator thing on the project.

CurseForge is great, but seeing hundreds of unnecessary or inactive/unsupported/dead projects all over it, is really annoying.

  • Magma Slime
  • Feb 19 2021
  • Planned
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  • Admin
    Team Overwolf commented
    21 Feb 09:17am

    We're trying to solve the core issue rather than the system, which is a more powerful search.
    By using better filters and sorting options (which we plan), you should be able to set queries that refine the results to suit your purpose.

    For Abandoned and Archived specifically, we already have a planned indication which will appear in-app.

  • Claycorp commented
    20 Feb 11:59pm

    People still use and play with many inactive projects.
    It doesn't take up any space on the site to have the projects. Removing them would just make less pages and many people mad.