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Rescan mods folder button

A rescan/refresh button in existing profile, that will scan mods folder and add manually updated or added mods(by drag and dropping into mods folder) , adding them to the entries in mods list.

For more precision of what I am talking about, here's an example:

I created a profile, added mod A_v1 through the Add More Content button, some time later, I see that mod A_v1 has been updated to A_v1.1, but don't want to launch CurseForge client, download it from CurseForge and manually add it to mods folder and after reading some forum posts or watching videos about mods other people recommend, I, also manually, add mods B and C that also were downloaded from CurseForge. Since profiles don't detect those changes automatically, still displaying that only mod A_v1 is installed, I want to click a Rescan/Refresh button, that will see that mod A_v1 was updated to A_v1.1 and that mod B and C were also added and since all of them are hosted on CurseForge, their display name and author would be added into the list.

Also, about mods that are not hosted on CurseForge, since reading information about them would be impossible, it would be great if Rescan/Refresh button still detected them and added entries to mod list with name and author being unknown, only having the file name known.

  • Wlnfr
  • Feb 18 2021
  • Future consideration
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    10 May 12:18pm

    A related issue to that is when you do ANY changes to the mod folder manually, they don't reflect in the mod list.

    You delete a mod from mods folder? Curse client ignores that.

    You rename a mod as ".disabled" manually? Curse client ignores that.

    You install "Malisis doors" which depends on "Malisis core" and then disable "core"? Curse client will rename "doors" as ".disabled" (because they depend on core) but will still show "doors" as enabled in the mod list. And what's worst here, is when you try to click enable/disable button, it will just ignore you. No error messages, no attemts to fix itself, no feedback whatsoever.

    Twitch client at least tried to rename it back and forth and actualize it's status...