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An Undo and Redo button

eWell, incase u accidently add or remove a mod, you can press the undo. It could also be used for mistakes that were made during a launcher setting that the person made, which they can undo.

The redo is basically the opposite. If you undo an action then you realise maybe it's the wrong one, you can redo it. Just like uninstalling something, undoing then redo it.

In conclusion, i feel that this would be very important to the CurseForge community.
Thank You!

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  • Feb 18 2021
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    Team Overwolf commented
    21 Feb, 2021 10:02am

    The undo for mod delete is something we will look into future consideration!

    For Redo - it still does not offer much value (since it requires the same amount of clicks as Delete/Update/Install)