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.tar.gz support for Mac & Linux machines for better gaming quality and run some APIs

I literary if Curseforge will support this or not, but it is great if they added this extension support.


This is made more compact for older Mac & Linux machines that will run more efficiently from the newer extensions. This will help the computer and even some archival developers and mod pack creators to add more stuff without .zip extension for more storage spaces. I guess you can support it. What is that? Well, simple answer, take less space to store. Complex answer: it is to do with some gaming and trying to load the unfamiliar API like Fabric API for most of the new mods, It does not do with the native computer itself, it's to do with the codes themselves from Mac & Linux machines that did not recognize or cannot run those APIs and some unknown mods that probably Minecraft did not recognize. If this extension was supported, then Mac & Linux machines won't give some warnings to this unknown API. If not, it is very sad that Mac & Linux machines won't run these unknown codes.

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  • Feb 18 2021
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    4 Dec, 2021 01:24am

    why would you ever want tar.gz and not zstd or lz4