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(Minecraft) Allow modpacks installation w/o CurseForge app for Linux user

Currently CurseForge app works only for Win/Mac and Linux will be added later on. It's okay. But modpack it's just a list of mods and some overrides so it can easily be configured to play from a regular minecraft launcher.

Right now I'm using a workaround like asking a friend to zip me installed modpack; or installing Windows on a virtual machine and then copy paste parsed by CurseForge app modpack and installing overrides manually. I prepare a proper Forge version through the official minecraft launcher and then just copy what I prepared before.

It's inconvenient! I know that there's a modlist.html where all the mod links lie but you can't download it with script (keep getting 403). Just allow some way for Linux users to apply modpacks not through the CurseForge app, at least temporarily till Linux support is added.

  • Viktor Sobolivskyi
  • Feb 16 2021
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  • Viktor Sobolivskyi commented
    21 Feb 08:12pm

    Sorry for the late response.

    As Claycorp mentioned you can download an archive of a modpack but it's useless w/o curseForge app. So there's no way to install modpack on Linux.

    I know that curseForge app doesn't support Linux right now but maybe you can add some other way to obtain modpacks for linux users, right? That's the point of this idea.

  • Claycorp commented
    20 Feb 11:09pm

    They don't download from the site as the pack format is useless to people unless they have a tool that can unpack them.

    The system they currently use for installing modpacks (Via the vanilla launcher) doesn't do this.

  • Admin
    Team Overwolf commented
    17 Feb 10:33am

    Could you please clarify - why not download the modpacks from the website?