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Authors dashboard in Curseforge APP

Did you ever think that managing your projects in curseforge website is kinda boring?

It would be amazing to see a author dashboard in the curseforge app. This means you could set up all addons in the app like you do in the website.

Why so this? With this feature imagination would be the limit. Imagine you be able to publish your local custom minecraft modpack by just clicking in a button and modify your published modpack just like you do in local repositories and than click in a button to update it! That easy, why go to a website when you can do everything in a few clicks.

  • Picono 435
  • Feb 15 2021
  • Not planned
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  • Picono 435 commented
    18 Feb 11:50am

    I am aware of the better author dashboard planned and I understand of all that limitations, but it would be cool to see this feature one day in future.

    I will be waiting for the dashboard with more metrics :).

  • Admin
    Team Overwolf commented
    17 Feb 10:38am

    Currently the database and the build of CF relies on the website for the process of hosting and distributing addons and mods, while the app serves as a mod manager.
    for MC it also has modpack curation tool.

    As such, the website allows more powerful development tools for the back end and for authors to upload and manage their creations.

    We do have better author dashboard planned to include more metrics and info.